My Raspberry Pi Setup

My Raspberry Pi Setup

Let's see what parts it consists of my Raspberry setup and what is running on my RPi :)

Main goals:

- Minimum noise
- Great speed
- Use software with a low footprint (low memory and CPU usage)
- Secure operation (against hackers and bots from the Internet)



  • Raspberry Pi 4B (2GB Version)

The latest Raspberry Pi is available with different sizes of memory: 2, 4 and 8GB. My choice was the 2GB version because it's far enough for all application I run on this device (see below the full list of them)

  • Kingston 8GB MicroSD

This where the OS is running by default. I bought this MicroSD card a few years ago and still works. My recommendation is to buy a much bigger one than necessary. The current disk usage is 32%, which is fine.

  • Armor Case (passive cooling)

I have a double cooler version, but I don't use them. I'll buy a fully passive version for my next Raspberry Pi. I tested this case by stressing the CPU with 100% load during 3 days. The temperature wasn't higher than 64°C. The CPU is throttling over 80°C, so this temperature is totally fine. I recommend this case instead of some plastic boxes. In my opinion, using any cooler is useless.

  • Power supply (Official)

Use the official power supply. It's not expensive. If you want to use your existing charger, please do NOT use a Quick Charger, the Raspberry Pi doesn't support it. The recommendation is 3A output on 5V at least.

  • 1TB 2.5" HDD (HGST 7K1000)

I read a lot of reviews and tests about 2,5" HDDs to find the quietest, but a fast one. After a few hours, I found this HDD and I'm satisfied with it. You have to use HDD if you want to store huge files or download torrents.

  • SATA-USB Cable (USB3.0 and UASP Supported)

I replaced my old USB2.0 SATA-USB cable to UASP Supported USB3.0 one. The transfer speed through samba file share increased from 20MB/s to ~60MB/s. I realized the same speed boost while downloading torrents.


  • TP-Link Archer C6 Router

Stable, fast and cheap. Here's my article about this router.

  • Display (Samsung 43" NU7022 4K UHD Smart LED TV)

Feel free to use any kind of TV, but check the HDMI-CEC support if you want to use Kodi with the TV remote.



My favorite OS is Raspberry Pi OS, which is official and based on Debian. It's stable, fast and it has huge community support.
My Raspberry Pi run these services:

  • Kodi (Media Player)
  • rTorrent + ruTorrent (Installation guide here)
  • Fail2ban (It helps to protect my RPi against attacks from the Internet)
  • Apache (serve this blog and ruTorrent interface)
  • Samba (File sharing)
  • RPi-Monitor (Installation guide here)
  • Apticron (Send an email when an update is available)
  • ddclient (Automatically update the IP for DDNS address)
  • A lot of scripts (healthcheck, backup, BTC Trader and so on...)



All of them (included the system as well) use less than 1GB of memory, so this is why I bought the 2GB version of Raspberry Pi 4.

The average transfer speed through samba file share is around 60MB/s from RPi to my notebook on LAN.

Total Commander copy speed from Raspberry Pi 4


I built a silent, cool and fast Raspberry Pi Setup. The CPU temperature is always lower than 65°C.

If you want to monitor your own Raspberry like this, feel free to install RPi-Monitor.