TP-Link Archer C6

Sell ASUS RT-AC66U and buy TP-Link Archer C6. Am I crazy?

I'll be honest right from the start: I haven't really tested my old router, but I've got a great feeling about the new one!

Advantages over ASUS RT-AC66U

  • The WiFi performance is better
  • Cheaper
  • 3 years warranty
  • 10 devices are connected to this all the time, it's still stable
  • I restarted it a few months ago and still works
  • Always cool (the ASUS was hot... I couldn't touch the top)
  • More efficient power usage (based on the specification of the power adapter)

TP-Link Archer C6 recommended settings:

Go to the Advanced panel and configure the following settings to increase WiFi speed and security:

  • Network / IPTV, turn off all if you don't use IPTV at all
  • Wireless / Wireless Settings, turn off Smart Connect, then set these for 2,4GHz and 5GHz network as well:
    • Set WPA2-PSK
    • Set Transmit Power to high
  • Wireless / WPS: Turn off Router's PIN
  • Wireless / Wireless Schedule: turn it off if you don't use it
  • Wireless / OneMesh: turn off if available AND not used
  • Guest Network: turn off if not in use
  • QoS: turn off
  • Security / Settings: turn on SPI Firewall
  • NAT Forwarding / UPnP: turn off
  • IPv6: turn off if not in use
  • System Tools / LED Control: It's optional. I set Night mode between 8PM and 7AM. It will turn off all LEDs in this timeframe
  • System Tools / Adminstration: set strong password and turn off Remote Management
  • System Tools / CWMP Settings: turn off
  • System Tools / Firmware Upgrade: Check for upgrade and install it if the new version is available
  • System Tools / Backup & Restore: I recommend to backup your settings somewhere on your computer (and upload it to Dropbox)

Bonus tip: If you want to open a port from your network to Internet, use Virtual Server instead of Port Triggering. results

Speedtest result with Samsung S21 on 5GHz network and 1 meter away from the router:

5G WiFi Speed with Samsung S21

I think it's not too bad. My internet connection is 1000/1000 Mbit, so I can test the WiFi bandwidth :)

Another speed test: behind a wall, my laptop ~7 metres away and on a 5GHz WiFi network:

Speedtest from laptop



I'm happy with this router, I recommend it :)

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