Moving my blog from RPi to Netlify

Moving my blog from RPi to Netlify

I was thinking about the hosting of my blog these days. The reason is hosting my blog on my Raspberry Pi is free, but what if

  • The Raspberry Pi has been restarted
  • The home network is offline
  • Replace my router
  • DDoS attack
  • Power outage
  • Simply update the RPi
  • and so on...

Based on these possible problems, I decided to move this website somewhere.
Hosting this blog on my RPi is kind of free because it is always turned on. But, what if there is a web hosting company to host my static website for free? Additional benefits would be

  • Fast loading speed
  • 99.99% uptime
  • CDN (Content Delivery Network) globally

Fortunately, I found the Netlify provider, and they can provide me all of them for free! Incredible!
So I found Netlify... Less than 24 hours later my blog is working from this place :)

If you want to build one similar blog like this, just follow these steps:

  1. Order a domain on Namecheap
    Thank you for support me if you order through this link :) It costs nothing to you

  2. Create your website with a static website builder
    I prefer to use Publii

  3. Sign Up on Netlify
    This is where your website will be stored

  4. Connect your domain to Netlify
    After you created a site, connect your ordered domain (Step #1) as a Custom Domain

  5. Upload your website from Publii directly to Netlify
    Check "Server Settings / Netlify" in Publii

  6. Check your brand new website :)
    To update the content of your website, press the "Sync your website" button in Publii

The future

The free plan on Netlify is limited to 100GB / month bandwidth, so my idea is I'll move from Netlify to DigitalOcean Platform App because it's cheaper with an additional bandwidth than the Pro plan on Netlify.