Sell your unused bandwidth with PacketStream (payout proofs)

There are a lot of ways to make money on the Internet. My favorite option is to sell your Internet bandwidth.

It makes a passive income every single day. You have to run one application on your computer, which automatically sells your bandwidth. It doesn't slow down your PC, I run this app always on my laptop without any issue. Everything is smooth.

They pay $0.10 per Gigabyte. The minimum payout is $5 to PayPal. Check my first and second payout proofs below.

Okay, let's see how to make money by selling unused Internet:

1., Sign Up on PacketStream


2.,  After login, go to the Download section and download the application.
Direct links: Windows and macOS

3., Install it. After that open from Taskbar (next to Clock on the bottom right side) by right-click, and enter your credentials for PacketStream.

4., That's all. Enjoy the passive income!

You can easily monitor your earnings by right click on this icon again, and click My Account.

PacketStream - My Account

Do not forget to Withdraw your money after reach the minimum payout limit, which is only $5. Go to the Account menu, and enter your PayPal address here.

PacketStream - Withdraw

Bonus tips to maximize your income:

- Run the application when your computer is running
- Install and run on multiple devices
- Install and run at multiple locations (e.g. at home and at work)

I received 9 payouts. Proofs:

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