Easy and Free Autoclicker for Egg Inc

Easy and Free Autoclicker for Egg Inc

Pressing the red button all the time can get boring after a while. There is a workaround that will automatically press this button from time to time and maximise your winnings. It's completely free and takes just 5 minutes to set up. Let's have a look!

  1. Download the "Auto Clicker - Auto Tap" app from the Google Play Store
  2. Start the application, then grant the necessary permission (it will help you how to do this)
  3. Create a new script with Multi-Point mode
  4. Set two points like I did on the screenshot below
  5. Press on these points, and configure the "Interval before the next action" and "Swipe Duration" values to 7000ms and 9000ms. It works well for me with a 70x running chicken boost, probably different values are required in your case
  6. Press the Green play button to start the auto clicking
  7. Enjoy, and use your time from now on for something more useful thing :)

Update: I did some improvements, and now it can catch drones or apply research automatically. My solution looks like this:


Youtube Video

There's a long video about this method. I made here a lot of Soul Eggs.


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