Egg Inc. Autoclicker

Egg Inc. Autoclicker

Update: I found another solution that does only pressing the red button but runs natively on android, not needing to install an emulator. 

I started to play with Egg Inc. Android game a week ago. This game is very addictive, but later it can be slow down, so I thought how can I automatize this game to save free time for me.

It's a bit strange, because I still wanted to play this game, but with less effort and less use of the phone. So I figured out how to autoclick in this game without stopping.

The main problem is that some buttons are in different places in this game, so I have to use an autoclicker with an image recognition function. There are only a few options.

Next question: Can I run it on Android itself, or emulate the game on my own Windows PC? The first option would be less fiddly, but is it possible?

I've searched for an Android-based autoclicker, but there are no applications with image recognition.

If you are an Android developer, here's the hint for your next application. You're welcome :)

So I decided to run this game inside of the Android emulator on my Windows-based PC with BlueStack. I tried other emulators as well, but this one was the most stable and smoothly.

The next thing is looking for a Windows based autoclicker software. I used the Automatic Mouse and Keyboard in the past with success. I started to create my script.

The main goals were:

  1. Always press the red chicken button to create as many chickens as possible.
  2. Collect gifts automatically
  3. Watch adverts for rewards and return to the game in 1 minute
  4. Watch adverts to earn double when they expire
  5. Research for money if possible
  6. Restart the game if it crashes
  7. Activate BlueStack window on startup
  8. Trim memory in every run (free up memory)
All of them were completed.

It can earn the maximum amount of money and collect ~500 golden eggs per hour without any effort.

Additional things that you have to know:

  • I created this script with v6.2.6.4 of Automatic Mouse and Keyboard, use this version or newer.
  • Use BlueStack as an Android emulator. It may work with other emulators as well, but has not been tested
  • Start the emulator before running the script
  • All included pictures optimized for 1920x1080 resolution. If you use a different one, may you have to recognize pictures again
  • Run the emulator in full screen
  • Set the "Home" shortcut to "Crtl + Shift + H" in BlueStack
  • Do not use the computer while the script runs. Press "Shift + F2" to stop it.
  • I made this script in my free time. That was 10+ hours to create it. Please consider to Donate me via PayPal. Thank you!

Download the script from GitHub


If you are satisfied with my work, please consider to Donate me via PayPal. If you don't have money yet, make it for yourself, then you can do it ;) Thank you for supporting my work!



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