Sell your bandwidth with IPRoyal (with payment proofs)

There are a lot of ways to make money on the Internet. My favorite option is to sell your Internet bandwidth.

It makes a passive income every single day. Just run one application on your devices (computer or phone), which automatically sells your bandwidth. It doesn't slow down your internet connection, I run this app always on my laptop and my phone without any issue. Everything is smooth :)

The application is available for Android, Windows or Mac.

They pay $0.2 per Gigabytes to PayPal or BTC after reaching the minimum payout limit, which is $5. That was only $1, but it has been changed to $5 on 1st of July, 2021.

I reached the minimum payout limit in 5 days with no effort. You can find the payment proof at the end of this page.

Follow these steps to start earning money:

  1. Sign Up here

  2. Download the application to your phone and/or Windows PC

  3. Sign In to the application

  4. Set your PayPal address on the Dashboard:

That's all, no more step is required. It will earn money automatically.

When you reach the minimum payout limit ($5), the "Request payout" button will appear:

Press it, then you will see something like this:


I received my first payout 12 hours later:


My second payment:

iproyal payment proof


My third payment:



4th payment:

IPRoyal Payment Proof on Feriman.com


Summary on PayPal Dashboard:


Sign Up here to IPRoyal