Configure SCP/SFTP with Total Commander (Step-by-Step Guide)

Configure SCP/SFTP with Total Commander (Step-by-Step Guide)

One of the most useful file management software for Windows is Total Commander. To connect to Linux servers via SSH and manage files, you can use the SFTP plugin.

Let's start!

  1. Download the required plugin
    • It's called SFTP, download it to anywhere and uncompress it.

  2. Open the Configuration/Options menu in Total Commander. In the Plugins select Configure button under File System Plugins (.WFX). Press Add, select the previously downloaded and uncompressed .wfx file.
    Total Commander plugins
  3. Restart the Total Commander

  4. Open the Secure FTP under Networks
    Secure FTP TC

  5. Press F7 to create a new connection, then type the name of the server (you can rename it later)
    New server TC
  6. Fill the destination (Connect to), username, and password fields, then press OK
    TC new server SFTP
  7. Finally, double click on the new entry in the list

  8. That's all, feel free to use it to manage your files :)


Bonus trick: If you want to modify the entry, press ALT+ENTER on it.


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