optipng vs pngquant quick Comparsion

optipng vs pngquant Comparsion

I made a quick test to compare optipng and pngquant.

I compared these tools based on compression speed and the compressed image size. These tests ran on my Raspberry Pi 4. All tests ran with default settings.
These images have been stolen from my articles: PacketStream, DigitalOcean, and WordPress.

PacketStream.png - Original size: 53KB

 Compression timeCompressed size
optipng0.825s43KB (19.93% decrease)
pngquant0.262s22KB (58.49% decrease)


DigitalOcean.png - Original size: 185KB

 Compression timeCompressed size
optipng4.639s120KB (35.47% decrease)
pngquant1.299s76KB (58.92% decrease)


WordPress.png - Original size: 160KB

 Compression timeCompressed size
optipng9.924s101KB (36.92% decrease)
pngquant0.820s69KB (56.88% decrease)

Download all files here


I have to mention that the optipng is using lossless compression, while the pngquant is using lossy compression, but I couldn't see the difference between the original and the compressed images.

The absolute winner is pngquant :)



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