optipng vs pngquant quick Comparsion

optipng vs pngquant Comparsion

I did a quick comparison test to see which is better: optipng or pngquant?

I compared them in terms of speed and compression ratio. I ran all the tests on my Raspberry Pi 4. All tests were run with default settings.
All images downloaded from my own articles: PacketStream, DigitalOcean, and WordPress.

PacketStream.png - Original size: 53KB

 Compression timeCompressed size
optipng0.825s43KB (19.93% decrease)
pngquant0.262s22KB (58.49% decrease)


DigitalOcean.png - Original size: 185KB

 Compression timeCompressed size
optipng4.639s120KB (35.47% decrease)
pngquant1.299s76KB (58.92% decrease)


WordPress.png - Original size: 160KB

 Compression timeCompressed size
optipng9.924s101KB (36.92% decrease)
pngquant0.820s69KB (56.88% decrease)

Download all files here


I should mention that optipng uses lossless compression, while pngquant uses lossy compression, but I couldn't see any difference between the original and the compressed images.

The absolute winner is pngquant :)

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