Over 10 Years of Experience with WordPress

Over 10 Years of Experience with WordPress

I have over 10 years of experience in WordPress Multisite operation. This is a long time...
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I made two WPMU based websites with a few thousand active users:
  • Ingyenblog.hu - That was my first WordPress project

    • Started in 2009 (I was only 16 years old!)
    • Running on shared hosting
    • Free for everyone
    • Ad-supported
    • 13,5k active blogs in 2017
    • One of the most popular blogging site in Hungary
    • I sold it in 2018 (and the new owner didn't run it well, so it stopped working a few months ago - it's not my business anymore :) )
    • Fun fact: The database size was more than 15GB when I sold it 
    • Fun fact 2: The web hosting provider couldn't make a backup, I had to run it without a restore point. That is so risky!
  • Blogginger.com - That was my first international WPMU project

    • Launched in 2014
    • Running on VPS
    • 14 day free trial
    • Low monthly price (from $2)
    • Ad-free
    • Automated SSL order by shell script when someone signs up
    • Domain mapping enabled for paid users
    • Smart server-side backup and self-diagnostic solutions via shell scripts
    • But it wasn't that popular because I didn't promote it enough.
    • 3-4k signups, but only a few active (paid) users
    • Shut down in March 2021

After that my next project is this blog, so I can share my best practices here. Yes, I know this website based on Publii, and the reason behind this choice is the safety and speed.


My opinion about WordPress is mixed...

  • Advantages:

    • Open source
    • Quickly fixing bugs and security issues
    • Huge community
    • Lot of plugins to extend features
    • Easy to use
    • Translated to all languages
  • Disadvantages:

    • Slow because the code base is large
    • You need lots of plugins for extra functionality
    • Using lots of plugins is a security issue
    • Using lots of plugins makes the site slow
    • Website can sometimes go down for no reason
    • Requires SQL database (due to security and performance issues)
    • Requires a lot of resources


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Load WordPress Sites in as fast as 37ms!