These bugs will probably never be fixed in Egg Inc

These bugs will probably never be fixed in Egg Inc

I've been playing Egg Inc for a while now, and I've noticed a few bugs, some of which are quite annoying.

For some of them, I wrote a detailed bug report to the developer, but neither a reply was received nor the bug was fixed.

In this article, I have collected the bugs that have been in the game for a long time, but have not yet been fixed. Some of them are just graphical bugs, while others cause annoying operational problems.

I started this thread on Reddit about these issues.


#1: Projection is always less at the end of the contract

Co-op or single contract, but the projection value is always higher than the quantity of the delivered eggs at the end of the contract.

It can also cause you to think you've reached your delivery target when you haven't. This happened to me during a 21-day challenge:

Note: I didn't use any booster at this time, and as you can see it was a solo contract.

Another example for this bug is below. Check the current time, the actual delivery rate, and the number of delivered eggs. It doesn't count correctly.

Update: Regarding this Reddit thread, the "CO-OP mode" issue has been explained. The number increased when the player login to the game. However the Solo contract still have an issue.


#2: You won't get the reward even if you reach the target

I have reached the goal (5.0q delivered eggs), but the game forgot to mark it as complete, so I didn't get the reward. So annoying.

Update: Regarding this Reddit thread, the game round numbers, but it does wrongly. It should round numbers like this:

1.49 --> 1
1.51 --> 1
1.99 --> 1
2.00 --> 2


#3: Video advertising reward is not working

Sometimes you have to double-click on the "Watch" button to watch the ad, then the window disappears and the reward is never credited.

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Minimize the game on Android
  2. Wait a few minutes
  3. Open the game again
  4. You probably see an ads reward
  5. Click on it, you cannot start it
  6. Workaround: Before starting the ad, catch a drone, then it works.


#4: Trophy progress bar issue

The progress bar is correct when I'm on the main farm, but it's not correct when I'm on another farm. My main farm produced Dilithium at this time. Check the top progress bar (for Dilithium) on the screenshots below. Each picture was taken at the same time.


#5: Token issue

The Token has been sent to my mate in co-op, deducted from my (sender) balance, but never delivered to my mate.

Another video about this issue is located here

One more video here


#6: Tachyon prism can be activated even if the hen house is full

Tachyon prism booster can be used for increasing the number of chickens. It should not be able to activate if the hab is full, because it has no effect.


#7: I have to press "run chickens" at least twice

Reproduce this issue is quite easy:

  1. Go to anyone's farm from your contract farm
  2. Press the green chicken button
  3. Open the same farm again from the menu on the top center
  4. You are able to press the green button again

The video about this issue is located here


#8: The date on About page is 2 years behind

The game has been released in 2016, the current year is 2022, and the About page has 2020. Why? Maybe the developer forgot to update the date. It should be a variable based on the device's current date.

Update: Regarding this Reddit thread, copyright does not need to be updated yearly.


#9: I have got the reward before ever reached it

As you can see the delivered number of eggs is much lower than the target, however, I've got the reward. This was my first attempt, so I really confused.

And it happened again:

Update: Regarding this Reddit thread, it happens because the game temporary put in the player into the team. It cause several issues, so that's not how it should work.


#10: Overlapping issue in CO-OP

Sometimes the info button and the counter of team members overlap each other. Probably it depends on the length of the team's name. It happens only when I'm the team creator.


#11: Unit of measurement is missing

The contract is "valid for 46". Okay, but 46 what? Maybe minutes, I guess.


#12: Black background

The game disappears from the background and is replaced by a black screen. It happens often, usually after recall the application from the background instead of starting it again.


#13: The game remains blurred

It is quite easy to make this bug. Watch the video here:


#14: More people in the team than allowed

I have no idea how it is possible, but 16 of us in a team of 15.

Video about this bug here


#15: I got a chicken box without being in co-op

It happened three times in one day. Interesting, but good for me :)

Update: Same reason as in #9, it happens because the game temporary put in the player into the team.


#15: Bonus from a CO-OP player without being in CO-OP

The video about this bug is located here

Update: Same reason as in #9, it happens because the game temporary put in the player into the team.


#16: Gifts are still there after the contract is completed

A very similar bug to the #15 one where the gifts are still there after the contract is completed.


#17: Cannot send chicken box

I cannot send chicks, but the icon above shows that I can.


#18: Unstable Egg Laying Rate with Full Habs

Constantly changing Egg Laying rate, even though the Habs are already full.


#19: Game crashing when visit a private farm

In CO-OP mode, if you want to view a farm that is set to private, the game will quit (video on this later).


I hope the developer will fix all of them.

Did you find any bugs in the game? Comment below the article.



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